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USA Trip (Ithaca): Work, Fun, and Shopping :D

Hello beautiful ladies,

It has been quite a while that I didn't write an article and I miss this. Don't get me wrong I love filming videos because it allows me to share all my spontaneous emotions with you directly without any editing. It also give me the feeling that I'm talking to you and that you are present which is something I particularly enjoy. However writing articles is also something I like doing because I like to write and I know many of you like to read. So I'm trying to make all of you happy by alternating both videos and articles.
Today, I want to share with you some nice memories I had during my USA trip and also some tips if you are planing to travel there sometimes. This first article will be about the first city I visited which is Ithaca, NY.
So please keep reading and enjoy the adventure with me :*


Beauty Haul & Swatch: Spring Sales (NYX, Revlon, Rimmel)

Hello beauties !!

As I have told you before I couldn't resist the spring sales. The drug store products are usually very affordable (but with the sales they don't cost much at all). 

Here are the products I purchased (I'm trying all of them for the first time)